Created in 2017, the HBMBA is a unified voice for mountain biking in the Hamilton and Burlington areas. As a non-profit association, our mission is to work with the community to maintain and improve a sustainable off-road trail network across the region.

Our Vision

  • To represent the local mountain biking community as a trusted organization.
  • Work with land owners, conservation areas, and other trail groups on issues like trail access, environmental matters, and property development.
  • Take part in cycling initiatives within the community related to policy, development, and recreation.
  • Act as an advocate for safe and responsible off-road cycling community.
  • Educate and inform the community on trail etiquette and ethics.
  • Nurture community interest through education, including trail etiquette and ethical behaviour.
  • Support local bike shops, retailers, and environmental agencies.
  • Organize rides and events to promote off-road cycling across all ages and skill levels.
  • Host build days to promote proper and responsible trail building.
  • Get younger riders involved with mountain biking.