Our Mission

The Hamilton Burlington Mountain Biking Association’s mission is to work with community partners to maintain and improve a sustainable network of off-road cycling trails across the Hamilton and Burlington region. We recognized a growing need for a cohesive voice for mountain bikers was necessary to preserve, maintain, and increase the trail network in the Hamilton Burlington region. Together, we can participate in discussions with land owners, conservation areas, and other trail groups.


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Executive Team

Our 2018 Executive Team

Trail Building

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Goals & Activities

  • To represent the local mountain biking community as a trusted organization
  • Work with land owners and land managers in regards to trail access, environmental issues, and developmental issues
  • Develop partnerships and support local bike shops 
  • Advocate for and promote a safe and responsible off-road cycling community
  • Work with and nurture local community interest and participation in off-road bicycling by providing instruction and good examples of trail ethics and etiquette.
  • Create and develop strong relationships with other community partners and other interest groups.
  • Develop a strong network of trails in and around the Hamilton Burlington area.
  • Lead rides for all levels and organizes events to promote off-road cycling to all ages and skill levels.
  • Develop programs to assist, educate and inform trail users
  • Participate in community cycling-related initiatives related to policy, community development, and recreation.
  • Organize build days to promote proper and responsible trail building.
  • Get younger riders involved with mountain biking.


These trails are maintained by HBMBA members and in cooperation with land owners and other partners.

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