We're working on this part of the website but here's a quick list of some possible sponsorship opportunities!

Trail Days – Ask us how you can help make HBMBA trail days happen – contact us for available dates and locations

Fund in whole or in part an event – like the Big Ass Night Ride!

In-Kind donations –Prizes for members and volunteers, tools, administration support, locations for events etc.

Directed grants – Ask us what we have in the works and direct your grant at a specific project ie. Christie Lake

Custom programs – Let us know how you can help achieve our 2018 Goals or let us know your own great ideas

Help Build awareness– encourage membership to customers and staff

Sell memberships through your store or business - get in touch with us if you'd like to set this up!

Stay in touch– find out about new events, projects and needs as they arise and how you can help